Monday, September 23, 2013


going round and around

today Syamin wanted to take me to a cafe she found out about on the internet.
she said the place is great so i agreed and when we got there we find ourselves lost like clueless tourists because she didnt actually know where the place is.
it was scorching hot outside, and i was starving but i was determine to find this place and after google-ing it and 30 mins of walking around the same place over and over again we finally found the place!!
it is called Limau Limau Cafe. it is a really really small cafe, so easy to miss.
the place is actually really cool. the ambient of the place is really warm and cozy.
the menu is not that bad either. but i didnt order any food though, just didnt feel like eating there at the time i just had apple-lime juice ( surprisingly good and refreshing) and i syamin orderd latte with apple crumble with ice-cream. i must say it was worth the trouble.

 then i decide to walk around some more and we found this, Mamee-factory/restaurant place.
syamin had been there before but today was my first time, i didnt what to make of it at first, cuz it seemed a little vacant but then when we look around its like the coolest place ever.
they have a small factory upstairs that is open on weekends for people who are interested on how to learn to make those mamme-mee and they other products i guess and downstairs they have a restaurant and a small exhibit hall. i felt a kid on a school trip.
its really cool with what they do with they're menu. they take the simple ramen noodle and in like 5-6 different ways. and they are really good.

i ordered mamee bolognese, it was surprisingly good! no lie!  
 after that we do what we always did, go around random place and snapping pictures to spam our instagram.
i must say i love having a friend like syamin who understands me needs to blog and insta. at least i dont feel too much like an anti social. blogging n instagramming is just my thing. its like food to me. can barely live without them. haha
 i also love the fact that she enjoys exploring melaka like i do. to be honest i am not a social butterfly, i dont mingle or hang out much with people and go to clubs or gigs or whatever, what i do is explore random and historical places around melaka. it makes me happy that she is willingly letting me drag her along to all of these weird places haha.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

new videos

i had posted 2 new videos on my new channel(my youtube channel was hacked too)
watch it if interested.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

miss me?

hey readers! its me Andi Zephyr. how have ya'll been? miss me?
its september already? time flies so fast.
to those who had been following my previous blog "The Inside Scoop" i have to inform you that i will no longer make any post on that site, because it had been hacked and even after months of trying to recover it i still cant. so now i will continue blogging here.
i will be posting more after this so do follow if you are interested.
good day everyone.