Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Softcore Cafe

hey ho! how ya'll doin? 
today i wanna talk about a small cafe that i had discovered by accident the other day.
and it was a nice surprise too. it was on valentines day that me and my boyfriend decided to have dinner in KL. i figured since my late aunt was sick n she was admitted into Ampang hospital, we can go visit her,an spend valentines in KL. after visiting my aunt, we had a lil "first world country crisis" which was trying to pick a place to eat for dinner. we wanted to try something new but didnt know which place to go, after an hour of just searching the net and going on apps for good nearby restaurants, i gave up n told him to drive to sunway. theres this one part of sunway (im malaccan so i have no idea what was the name of that specific area) that has  a lot of great cafes n restaurant in one area. the area that has places like garage 51 and After Black cafe. i thought maybe we could go to After Black. since ive been ther once and the food was great there.
then on the way there my bf saw Softcore signboard. im not gonna lie i was intrigued by the name of the place that made me do a double take to make sure that-that is the name of the place. (porn reference haha) i passed by it and i was like hey lets go there, ive never seen that place before so it must be new. actually i wanted to go because i was so intrigued by the name of the cafe that it just feel like i gotta go here and see whats up hahahaha. (good marketing tho) 
i later found out that they named the place Softcore due to the fact that their specialty is their molten lava cake. let me tell you that it is the bomb!i had the dark chocolate molten lava cake and it was so decadent and rich and the crumbles that they serve with it gave it a lot of texture. since the cake and the ice cream is soft the crumbles was just what the dish need to tie the flavors together. also the berries gave it a live sweet sourness to balance the sweetness of the cake n ice cream. then again it wasnst that sweet it was just right! migawd i can go all day with this. cuz i liked it so much.

for main course we had the rustic chicken. i didnt order anything because it was late (almost 1 am at the time) i didnt feel like eating much so i shared the dish with my bf. the dish surprised me. it looks like a work of art. you know that they put a lot of work and effort to it just by looking at it and the price itself was reasonable to the dish though. its quality food for reasonable price. i remembered one time i had dinner with my bf at a very high end restaurant it was expensive but the food looks like no one cared about it. i was frustrated. but id gladly drive all the way from malacca to kl just to get me some if this than the dish that i had at that particular restaurant though.
the chicken was so tender, and they crisp up the skin nicely and served it with mash sweet potato. yup sweet potato. i dont think i had ever had sweet potato like that, it goes so well with everything. 
although i had only tried two dished from this place but its enough to keep me coming back for more.
i have to give kudos to the staff too, they are so friendly and so passionate about what they do. i appreciate that, because i have met a lot of people in the food business that have that kind of passion n drive an it inspires me, and you can feel it through the food that they serve. i hope they will be successful.
a little side note, i know this is irrelevant but i gotta say im super impressed with their toilet! its so pretty and cozy. their toilet inspires me to renovate mine like theirs hahaha.

the only comment i have for them is that the seating placement they had there is a little odd. i sat outside at first but the chair was a little too small and the table was a little too low, and im only4 4'11.
the ones inside make it feel like the place is too empty you get what i mean?
but other than that the place is great. the food the ambient the people there so i aint got nothing to complain about.

find them on Facebook for more info:

Valentines Date

feels a lil awkward to be writing a personal blog post. havent done it in a very long time. i remember back in MySpace age when social media was new and i was this lil morbid kid who didnt have much friends, i felt like blogging is my way of communicating with people.in real life i was socially awkward, i find it hard to express my emotions to people or even to talk to people. i was always too conscious about what i say or do that i just express in a different way that i should.  it was also a place for me to pour my heart in a way to express my feeling the way i couldnt because of the trust issues i used to have with people and my fear of babbling to people and for them not to care about what i have to say. come to think of it, it seems like i used to think too much about these things than i do now.i was also always too afraid to say whats in my mind, or to confront with people about what i had in mind or with any problems i had. i just seems to shut it down in my head n then when i got to my laptop i just have like a word vomit. most of the time my post back then was really personal. when i read them now i cringe so much that my face looks like Clint Eastwood. it was my outlet of expression. although my older post are all so cringe worthy but at least they were honest and something that i can look back on and say i've learned so much since then.
 now im more reserved than i was, thus explains my lack of blog updates. plus the older i get the more i lost interest in blogging because it seems to be too personal. since nowadays i've learned how to speak my mind and i have close friends that i can trust and people that i love around me, blogging just seems a little unnecessary. but i kinda miss it though. i remembered that back than in every personal post i make and when they have some what of an impact or relation to my readers it makes me feel strong because i know im not alone n i can somewhat help people learn from my experiences or something you know? (fuck, i sound so narcissistic but thats just how i felt ahha) so maybe i will start to regularly post blogs n stuff. that is if my procrastination dont get it the way ahahah.

so back to the title of the post. act for this one i dont wanna talk too much about the day i had just wanna share a few pics tho. cuz i had a pretty basic valentines date haha. but it was meaningful none the less as it was my bf and i first valentines day together. then the usual shit, he gave me flowers, take me to dinner, that kinda jazz. :) 
made a pop up card for him. i've such a hopeless romantic ahahha
 hope you guys had a great valentines date too. bye:)