Friday, October 18, 2013

review: eggxtra cafe

syamin and i are always on a look out for a new and cool place to hang out in melaka.
she found out about a new cafe in melaka called Eggxtra from instagram.
the place was not act that hard to find, and at first glance from afar i didn't give it much though i thought i was like any other western food cafe but once i got closer and went inside i just love everything i see there!
i love the decor and the whole atmosphere of the cafe, very calm, bright and cheerful.
i also love how their employees are very nice to us when we told them that we want to blog about their cafe.
obviously their theme is eggs, but it is wat more than that. cuz they have a very versatile menu, which compliments western and local food. they also have great and delicious pastries and deserts

to my surprise i saw my university club-mate justyn there.

the thing that i like the most about this cafe is that they dont just focus on the flavors of the food(which are amazing, cuz i actually ordered their omelet, they made other omelets wanna commit suicide cuz it was surprisingly good.) they even pay attention to presentation.everything the serve looks so pretty and scrumptious.

i must say that their panna cotta are to die for!
even their restroom is cute!
love the fact that this cafe have great quotes all over the place.
took the opportunity to snap an OOTD outside of the cafe, cuz the walls match perfectly with my outfit that day haha
if you are looking for a new place to hang out and have good food with your friends i highly recomand you to try Eggxtra. even though it was my first visit there, i only have great thing to say about the place, the food is great, the price is reasonable and it is a very chill and cool place to have lunch with friends and have a good time and i am sure you will feel the same.

date with my wifey

i actually planned to post this soon but being the lazy ass that i am, i keep on procrastinating and before i know it, its already been a couple of months since we actually had this date haha.
but whatever i still wanna post this cuz its like one of the best day of my life.
Mimi and I had been friends for almost 10 years now. lately since she went to kl to study we havent spent much time with each other. i actually really miss her but i am the kind of person who hate texting, it kinda makes it harder for the both of us to catch up with each others lives. before this we are inseparable, we see each other almost everyday and stuff like that. but the best thing about being friends with mimi is that no matter how much arguments or misunderstandings we had she is always there for me. thats why she is most precious friend. at the time she was on her semester break and she was back in town i took her out on a date. haha
so here are some pictures from that day. 
idk why but i really like this picture of her, it really captures how fun n crazy she really is!
 for some reason we suddenly reminded ourselves of a friend we knew who was in town.
Elle. i knew her way back from myspace, we werent close back then but eventually we became friends and that was actually the first we ever met each other.

 i've gotta be honest i am amazed by her when i first her. first of all she look way more mature for her age(she even looks more mature than me haha), she is very cool and friendly and above all stunning!
she is so stunning at one point i almost felt so insecure about myself cuz she is like way prettier and i love her skin! lol ( owh man i sound like a crazy homo).
had fun having lunch with her and her sweet boyfriend hope we could hang out again:>

that day really reminds me of how i miss her. i hope to see her soon. and mimi if you are reading this, happy 10 years friendship anniversary, no matter how harf it gets, i will try my best to always be there for you like you have and no matter how many new friends i have met along the way you always no1 in my heart. cheesy i know. PS i love you dude! i will see you in kl soon okay?XD