Monday, April 7, 2014

just making bubbles in the woods no big deal

I saw getting some things from Mr.DIY, and I this huge bubble loop on the top shelf and I just gotta buy it. Spend at least an hour messing around with it! odd how i found so calmness and so much happiness in doing something pointless like this.
is it spring here in melaka? cuz I am seeing flowers blooming all over! to my surprise this magnificent creation in blooming in my yard! it was so beautiful! I almost cant believe that are actually growing on my yard. God knows how unwell kept it is lately. amazing how, Beautiful things could still bloom on a place that seems so hopeless.
also saw this spider web, isnt it wonderful!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hand Made Bakery & Pastry House

I am a sucker for pastries and cakes, and lately I've been dying to try something new. I guess Food Network had made me set the bar so high for eateries everywhere, because I will have high expectations to what i want to eat if its less then amazing I am not interested. its hard to find unique and original restaurants and menus here in Melaka, some of them are basically almost the same.
lately, i have this obsession to find great eateries around Melaka, both as an adventure into exploring the wonderful culinary experiences Melaka has to offer and also to spark and further inspire me into one day opening up my own cafe or bakery as that had been one of my dreams for quite some time now.
they say, sometimes things happen when you least expect it. for weeks now I've been trying to find new places to eat and hang out with my friends but never seem to got the chance to find any because I was so busy. also for some reason i have this craving for something sweet but I cant figure out what I actually need because I think I've gotten so bored with all those conventional desserts local franchises has to offer.
Then yesterday, while I was out for lunch, I figured I wanted to eat at Eggxtra as I always do but for some reason I couldnt find a parking space and I had to park a little further and to my surprise there it was! a huge and interesting sign board caught my attention. 
 (photos credit to handmadebakeryhouse facebook)
I soon realize that it is a new bakery. it was just what I looking for, and i wasnt even looking.
it looks like a very classic but modern cottage bakery which i adore.
if you know where Eggxtra is, this bakery is on the same street as Eggxtra.
located at 8 Jalan Melaka Raya 15, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
they recently opened on march 17th this year. if you ask me it was a very delightful discovery.
as soon as I opened their door, the smell of the room was so deliciously enchanting! its very fresh and if I could be full just by the smell, I would LOL. everything seems so scrumptious! I dont think I've ever tried anything like what they have there yet. So i was indecisive. they all looks so delicious and the best part is that the price itself is quite reasonable. Not what i was expecting. 
in the end I decided to try (picture above) Oreo Volcano and Chocolate Mousse (picture below).no words could eve describe how delicious it was to me (I dont know about you guys-if you tried them- but it was amazing to me).
the best part to me about the Oreo Volcano is the custard (i guess thats what it was LOL) inside it, it has the right consistency and sweetness and the mousse was just delicate and above all delicious. they are definitely my favorite for now (havent tried anything else yet, but I am sure as HELLLLLLL will!!!!!!). 
they have a variety of choice there, from sweet to savory. I will soon try them all! so i can choose my ultimate favorite!
frankly I have tried a lot of macaroons in my life, but i had never like them. i always thought that they are a culinary rip off. they are always too expensive and doesnt even taste good. but i had never stopped trying to find a place that sells macaroons to prove me wrong, and HandMade did it. i was so in love with the raspberry macaroon that i want to fall on one knee and proposed to it! a must try indeed!
for those who are interested in working or doing training there you can apply now!-details on the picture below-
I highly recommend everyone to try something from their bakery I guaranty you wont be disappointed, because I sure didnt.I will now officially proclaim that will be a regular customer there now!
have a nice day reader!