Wednesday, November 27, 2013

De Reve Saloon/Cafe

found out about this place on instagram. thanks to the onlyinmelaka hashtag i found a lot of cool places to hang out, cafes and restaurants.
this place is located on, No.203-G, Jalan Kenanga 3/29, Taman Kenanga Sek 3, 75200 Melaka. for those who are new in melaka, you may find it difficult to find this place. its location is a little further away from town, but not quite. if you know where Gajah Berang is, well i guess its easy, cuz once you got on that road just keep an eye on the left and you will find it.
the cafe is actual merging with a saloon. coming there for the first time was quite confusing. i see the saloon but not the cafe. so i went into the saloon and asked the worker there where is the cafe, she lead me to the back of the saloon where the cafe was.

caremel chip

dalmation waffle


from what i saw on the menu, they dont serve any heavy dishes. they have great desert, sandwich and pizza. im always the type of person the eats with my eyes first then my mouth, and presentation wise, they hit all the right notes for me. the flavor was amazing too. everything goes well with each other on the plate amazingly.
most of the time, people puts fresh fruits on the plate just for presentation purposes but i think the fresh strawberries they put on the dish gives their waffles and cake a slight tangy and soft texture that it need and i love it. and i must say their ice blended/frappachino are way better than starbucks and slightly cheaper.
this is now officially my fave spot to bring my friends along if they suddenly have their sweetooth cravings.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

calanthe art cafe

ive been hearing a lot about this cafe from my friends they all said this place is awesome. 
so i gotta go and try it. the thing is, i always by this place when i go jonker street but i never act went in there, cuz there is always a lot of foreigners there i thought its a non halal place.
when my friends said it is, i was so excited cuz i found another cool place to hang out.
went there with my wifey syamin.
from the outside, it already look interesting, but inside it was more than what i was expecting.

the thing i like the most about the deco is that its random, bright and colorful.
i like the fact that it looks kinda like your grandparent's place (with the exception of the coulors though). its really cozy and i felt at home when im there.
the food there is awesome, they have a combination of western and local food.
their specialty is probably the different type of tea from 13 states of malaysia.
they even sell hand made jewelries there from rare stones. 

i recommend you guys to try this green tea milk shake and the sneakers ice blend it will blow you mind and your taste bud.

overall i can say i had a good time every time i went there. do stop by when you go to jonker street. 

then after that of course our compulsory cam whoring sessions.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aztec Princess

next year i will joining Mile Club Drama MMU of Journey to El Dorado.
i going to play as Ichpo the Aztec Princess. so today's outfit is inspired by it.
i will be wearing this on the drama itself.
im just hoping that i can walk properly in those heels. they are killing me!
this dress was given to my by my bestfriend Syamin, on my birthday. i really love it. 
it is so cozy and frailly i really felt like a princess wearing it.
i match the dress with my color block heels, green leather belt and floral head wreath. but i might use a tiara or a gold crown for the drama though. but for this post i just want something subtle so i use the head wreath.
i will be making more outfit posts soon, as i have on my previous blog. i will try my best to update this new blog as often as i could and i hope everyone will enjoy reading my blog. have a nice day:>

Friday, October 18, 2013

review: eggxtra cafe

syamin and i are always on a look out for a new and cool place to hang out in melaka.
she found out about a new cafe in melaka called Eggxtra from instagram.
the place was not act that hard to find, and at first glance from afar i didn't give it much though i thought i was like any other western food cafe but once i got closer and went inside i just love everything i see there!
i love the decor and the whole atmosphere of the cafe, very calm, bright and cheerful.
i also love how their employees are very nice to us when we told them that we want to blog about their cafe.
obviously their theme is eggs, but it is wat more than that. cuz they have a very versatile menu, which compliments western and local food. they also have great and delicious pastries and deserts

to my surprise i saw my university club-mate justyn there.

the thing that i like the most about this cafe is that they dont just focus on the flavors of the food(which are amazing, cuz i actually ordered their omelet, they made other omelets wanna commit suicide cuz it was surprisingly good.) they even pay attention to presentation.everything the serve looks so pretty and scrumptious.

i must say that their panna cotta are to die for!
even their restroom is cute!
love the fact that this cafe have great quotes all over the place.
took the opportunity to snap an OOTD outside of the cafe, cuz the walls match perfectly with my outfit that day haha
if you are looking for a new place to hang out and have good food with your friends i highly recomand you to try Eggxtra. even though it was my first visit there, i only have great thing to say about the place, the food is great, the price is reasonable and it is a very chill and cool place to have lunch with friends and have a good time and i am sure you will feel the same.