Sunday, August 10, 2014


been listening to some songs that i used to listen to when i was a teenager. oh how quickly time passed by. everytime i do, it brings me back to the days where everything was easy, and fun. but then again maybe i should have woken up from my oblivious dream and start living in the real world. keep my feet on the ground so that i wouldnt be flying to high in the sky. at times i feel like i wanna go back. i would've been different, i would've been better but then again maybe it wont change a thing or probably be worst. there are a lots of things i want to change but then again i dont. i am now at a stand still. dont know where to go from here anymore. i am living life like how i drive at night, on a lonely street without a headlight. just winging my way out hoping i get home safe and sound. but its not easy to get home cuz i am constantly distracted by winding paths, traffic and ext.  it might be the death of me or it could be my key to getting to my destination. its all in my hands. if i wanna stay in the past i would but i wanna move forward so i will.