About Me

Greetings earthlings :) 

Name: Andi Portia Zephyr / Andi Zephyr
Date of birth:  24/10/1991
Place of birth: Kuantan,Pahang.
Currently living in: Mallaca, Malaysia. 
Race: Malay and partly Javanesse
Hobbies: Playing guitar, writing music, baking, drawing, singing, dancing, reading(hard to believe? but its the truth LOL), and stalking people on the internet.
Likes: Cotton candy, fresh fruit smoothies,  and gazing at the sky for hours
dislikes: fish(I don't like to eat fish), comedians who aren't funny, and people telling me or try to change me to be someone Im not.

                                                                                                                           Andi Zephyr <3

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