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Hai my name is Andi Zephyr. you are now reading my new blog "The Sky Gazer". I had another blog called "The Inside Scoop", but unfortunately it was hacked i have no access to it whatsoever. I create this new blog because i have some readers from my old blog personally telling me to make a new one so here you go people:>

Basically I write about everything and anything. Since I am a person of many interest I use my blog to express myself in music, baking, photography, arts and ext. MY blog is a combination of everything I love. i write about stuffs or topics that matters to me,not just what i do all day,but also things that i am going
through in my mind that i want to share with you guys which sometimes cant always be discussed casually and i want to write about things with a massage that can change people's perceptive in life.if I've achieved that i will be the most happiest person alive.
also,i am not the type of person who likes to plaster her personal life all over her blog like most girls,cuz to me i like to keep my personal life personal, i hope you guys will understand.lastly, thank you so much for sparing your time to read my silly little blog. have a nice day everyone.

PS: i apologize for the typos.("-.-). If you are interested to read my posts, do follow my blog.


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