Monday, March 24, 2014

good company, good life

i've noticed that i had been 3 months since my last post.
been super busy nowadays and been around great friends making great memories that i dont feel the need to even turn on my computer as often as i used to, especially now that im always busy with studies, internship, friends, relationships and exct. well you know what they say, you know you are having a great time when u dont even have time to post on internet about it. am i right? haha. 
this semester will hopefully be my last in MMU, so im using all of the time i have left here to be with people i love and care about. it is kinda sad that most of them i just got to know recently and had become such a huge part in my life, and i had to leave. but later is better then never.
i wish i met them all sooner but what to do, all i can do is to spend as much time with them.
my first few semester in university i was quite a loner. i only hang out with a few friends but i never actually got to know a lot of people because i was afraid that i wont be accepted because i was different, i was always with my housemates who knows me well and stuck with them because it made me feel secured, because i didnt have to worry about acceptance also because i have a huge trust issue with people.they were great, but being that way weren't really healthy for me.i became really judgmental of people and of myself, and i was always awkward around people . i never felt like i belonged, and never found people i could actually relate to and all of that changed when i knew my friends from MILE (an English club at my uni) from them i got to know a lot of people from various backgrounds, race and religion. it opened my eyes to not judge people through my own perception without getting to know them.
to be honest when i accept people, and became more positive on my perception of people, i learn how to accept myself more and i am not afraid anymore.
these past year of my life knowing the people that ive known today had made my life better in a way.
okay now lets skip the whole emo session here n get to the pictures haha.

i just wanna say how grateful i am to have finally found friends that are there for me and accepted me as i am no matter how crazy or weird i get.
your friendship mean a lot to me, i wouldn't get to see any of you as often as i do before but i want you all to know that i appreciate our friendship, i love you all so much hopefully you wont forget me when im gone, and hope i was as much of a great friend to you as you are to me.