Sunday, March 30, 2014

me? a model?

a model is probably the last thing I would even wish to be, because I know I am probably not even qualified to be one since I am way to short. but Ive done some photography shoots before and I guess that was probably the closest i would get to becoming a model. then an opportunity came along to be one (although not officially, cuz i dont think a wedding dress model count as a real model because anyone can be one, literally). a friend of mine from Uni asked me if I wanted to join an event as a model. Ive been asked once before, but at the time I was busy so i didnt join but this time, I took the chance because I like trying new things and i know its gonna be fun.
it was an event to showcase some of Jasin's (Melaka) bridal shop. we have to model their dresses to get them some publicity.
here's some of my "behind the scene" photos:
this is the beautiful and talented Zetty. She is the person responsible for making me one of the model that day:>
thanks dear I had a blast!

bare face! i know i dont look pretty but hey i feel more comfortable this way now rather than to wear thick makeup everyday like i used to. I am starting to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin so i wont be so insecure anymore.
me after i got my makeup done. I personally think that i dont look good with thick makeup, and i thought that the makeup artist caked my face but i didnt mind. She was so nice and hard working i appreciate her effort to get 3 girls done in such short period of time and her dresses was beautiful!
it was funny cuz for some reason the makeup artist wants me to model her cloths with hijab when i came in with super short shorts LOL. it was awkward for me at first cuz im not how its gonna look on me, but i gotta give her props for making me look good that day i guess (even though i couldnt recognize myself when i looked into the mirror the first time i saw myself when i was done with my makeup but hey whats there to complain about, i was pampered and paid for the day lol). Maybe i will wear hijab for reals one day we will see. 
some of the girls, posing in the changing room before we walk on stage
it was pretty hectic, but we managed to get all 11(i think) girls ready for the showcase on time.
i was surprisingly not- nervous that night. probably because Ive performed on stage before and i've done some modeling back when i was little(but i got dropped by my agency cuz puberty did help me grow tall enough lol) i thought i did well haha

asians at work lol
with Lina
so not me haha
overall i had fun, met new people and gained new experience, so that was a really good day for me.
i wanna thank Sellynas Bridal for the make-up and wardrobe, the organizers of the event and Zetty for giving me this opportunity. 
if you like the dresses and want to book them for wedding of events you can contact selendang.maria , evfa aziz and Sellynas bridal for more info.

Monday, March 24, 2014

good company, good life

i've noticed that i had been 3 months since my last post.
been super busy nowadays and been around great friends making great memories that i dont feel the need to even turn on my computer as often as i used to, especially now that im always busy with studies, internship, friends, relationships and exct. well you know what they say, you know you are having a great time when u dont even have time to post on internet about it. am i right? haha. 
this semester will hopefully be my last in MMU, so im using all of the time i have left here to be with people i love and care about. it is kinda sad that most of them i just got to know recently and had become such a huge part in my life, and i had to leave. but later is better then never.
i wish i met them all sooner but what to do, all i can do is to spend as much time with them.
my first few semester in university i was quite a loner. i only hang out with a few friends but i never actually got to know a lot of people because i was afraid that i wont be accepted because i was different, i was always with my housemates who knows me well and stuck with them because it made me feel secured, because i didnt have to worry about acceptance also because i have a huge trust issue with people.they were great, but being that way weren't really healthy for me.i became really judgmental of people and of myself, and i was always awkward around people . i never felt like i belonged, and never found people i could actually relate to and all of that changed when i knew my friends from MILE (an English club at my uni) from them i got to know a lot of people from various backgrounds, race and religion. it opened my eyes to not judge people through my own perception without getting to know them.
to be honest when i accept people, and became more positive on my perception of people, i learn how to accept myself more and i am not afraid anymore.
these past year of my life knowing the people that ive known today had made my life better in a way.
okay now lets skip the whole emo session here n get to the pictures haha.

i just wanna say how grateful i am to have finally found friends that are there for me and accepted me as i am no matter how crazy or weird i get.
your friendship mean a lot to me, i wouldn't get to see any of you as often as i do before but i want you all to know that i appreciate our friendship, i love you all so much hopefully you wont forget me when im gone, and hope i was as much of a great friend to you as you are to me.