Thursday, May 7, 2015


feel a bit strange coming back to blogging after so long. must have been almost a year since my last post. haven't got much time or passion to blog like i used to anymore. 
seems like these days my blog is all about cafes/food., cuz that is what i am passionate about atm.
i am now a self proclaimed cafe hunter, cuz that is basically what i do. i stalk the internet for the latest hot spots and would go for miles just to get a great cup of coffee.
found out about CORM CAFE & DISTRO from an acquaintance. 
it is located at 
JC1111, Tingkat 1, Jalan Bestari 1, Seksyen 02,
 Bandar Jasin Bestari, 77200, Jasin, Melaka 
or if you know where the Mydin in Jasin is located. it in on the 2 storey shop lots on the left side from the lane you take before getting to Mydin, and above Anak Ku. 
 i had the privilege to sit down with one of the owner i can say, because from what i've learned from the conversation that we had, it was a joint business of her and her husband. i am glad that nowadays more and more Malays are going into this business and most of them are really young. its good that they are staring now, since nowadays the cafe culture is exploding. kids wanna be seen in the newest cafes in town or be the first to hang out at these cafes before their friends do. their market is only gonna get bigger as social media makes it easier for small businesses to broaden up their circle of customer as there are people who would go hunting for places like this just for the experience. i am one of those people haha.
thus makes me more and more motivated to continue my blog. as more and more cafes i went to, i heard the story behind the process of how it started and the passion of the owners intrigues me to share it with everyone else. to maybe inspire people to do the same or at least have their voice of passion heard. 
back to CORM.  as soon as i walk up the stairs i was welcomes by a very inspirational quote. you cant miss it, it takes up the whole wall. quit refreshing though that they gave the entrance a lil thought since their cafe is on the upper floor, so there's not much to work with rather than places that have an open entrance or stmg right, but i like it. makes me feel as if im about to walk into a secret rave location or something. got in, lets just say im pretty impressed by how they decorated the place. its cozy, have a very chill vibe to it. perfect for hanging out. the owner told me that they DIY most of the furniture and i was impressed by that because it looks good. if they hadnt im pretty sure it will cost them a lot. by the way they held small acoustic show here too. i appreciate the fact that they have nice music, playing in the background while you enjoy your coffee with one book in you hand.making the ambient feels so light and cozy. i wish i can get their playlist tho haha  
then comes down to the most important part. whats on the menu u ask??
they have a very simple but yet interestingly unique menu. aside from the usual coffee, teas and cold beverages, they offer a few ingenious snacks and desserts. for instance, i had their smores cake the first time i came by and i wish i had come up with recipe myself. it was delicious and the idea was simple but i why havent i thought about it myself haha smores cake is made from bits of pieces of Kek Batik (you know that kek that your mom or you sister makes when you were a kid), some chocolate drizzle and topped with toasted marshmallows! yum!
i also love the fact that their menu is a lil different and it sets them apart form other cafes so that if ever you get that craving, this is the only place to get it. like the cakoi, i was told that they came up with the idea to have the Cakoi in the menu because i think their sister (i cant remember exactly who) made them and they thought why not right? but they have a lil twist to it. you can either have klasik (plain) or Super Cakoi which is - if roti john and Cakoi got married and had  baby it that would be it haha. i enjoyed it though.
their coffee isnt half bad too. im not a coffee person but i plead guilty to at times order coffee just for the latte art. but i came to like their coffee. they converted me lol.
btw they sell some merch too from bands and stuff so you guys ca check that out too. i freaked when i saw that they had "Impatient Sister" CD but i was to much of a cheapskate to buy it. maybe later.

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i have all but nice things to say, although id love it if they can add green tea latte to their menu but.... heheh
i hope you guys do well in the business and keep on improving to be better.
for everyone else near the area or in melaka come down to CORM today!